Thursday, April 28, 2016

Drug-Free South Crushing the Scourge of Abuse

Drug-Free South is gearing up for a series of events to educate the community on drug prevention and awareness.

With Metro Social Services recently releasing its 7th annual Community Needs Evaluation, several statistics stood out. But one in particular spoke to the Tennessee Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World (DFW): that drug overdoses are a leading cause of death in Tennessee, with over 1,100 in 2013 alone—surpassing murder, suicide and motor vehicle accidents.

So the group is planning a series of events to help educate the community on drug prevention. It will start with booklet distribution of the organization’s “Truth About Drugs” booklet. With this booklet in circulation, the community will be able to see the facts, and the scourge of abuse will plummet.

From there, volunteers will go into schools, community centers and non-profit organizations to help children learn and understand what to do when confronted by a dealer. This is also where they will be shown the documentary – The Truth About Drugs: Real Stories, Real People, and the award-winning Public Service Announcements.

Regional coordinator for DFW, Rev. Brian Fesler, says, “Everyone can benefit from learning the truth about drugs, because everyone is affected by this drug epidemic – either personally becoming a victim to drug abuse or by knowing someone who has.”

The “Truth About Drugs” booklets cover all basic side effects of drugs, common street names, and how to recognize when you are being persuaded by a dealer. To learn more or order booklets, visit

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