Thursday, April 28, 2016

Church of Scientology Celebrates 31 Years of Helping the Nashville Community

The Church of Scientology held its 31st anniversary soiree celebration on April 23rd, 2016 with parishioners and friends from the community.

The Nashville Church of Scientology held a celebration of the accomplishments it has seen over the past thirty-one years in the city.

Church pastor Rev. Brian Fesler said: “People are suffering. They’re in despair. Their lives are ruined. They’re the victims of all kinds of incredible circumstances. And they’re afraid things are going to get worse. This needs to change. And we can bring that change, but we have to demand improvement. We can’t just sit back and wait. Luckily there’s hope, because when you have an understanding of life, the spirit and the mind, that’s a very firm foundation.”

Community guests spoke about the Church’s involvement in education initiatives for human rights, drug prevention education, and helping kids with moral education using The Way to Happiness booklet. 

On a global scale, the Church of Scientology has enjoyed greater expansion during the past decade than in the previous 50 years combined. All the while the Church’s ever-growing humanitarian programs have positively impacted hundreds of millions of lives.

In Nashville, the Church has seen thousands of people entering its doors for the first time since moving into the grand Fall School Building seven years ago. On a humanitarian mission, the Church has participated in numerous human rights awareness events and helped create such events as Human Rights Day and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. march and convocation.  Church members, volunteering in the area of drug education, have delivered more than 230 seminars in schools in Tennessee and have distributed more than 50,000 booklets.

“Scientology is an active religion, where one seeks to know life and help people," says Rev. Fesler, "and we have the tools to accomplish that. We don’t ask our members to believe, we want them to act.” To learn more about the Church of Scientology, its programs and courses, visit  

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