Thursday, July 10, 2014

Drug-Free South to Participate in East Nashville Community Festival

Volunteers with the Drug-Free South are saying that every person counts in the struggle to end drug abuse.

In just the past month, more than 60 drug and alcohol violations have occurred in East Nashville, according to That’s not to mention the more than 300 other crimes that occurred in that area in the same timeframe.

Rev. Brian Fesler who coordinates Drug-Free South (DFS), a chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World says Nashville is in danger and, “we need to move like wildfire in spreading this drug-free message. That’s the only way we’ll create a drug-free zone in Tennessee.”

In light of that, Fesler announced that Drug-Free South will participate in East Nashville’s second annual Community Festival at the South Inglewood Community Center. The festival takes place on August 2nd, from 11am-4pm. The festival is family-oriented and will have live music, food, one-on-one basketball and much more.

Participating in community festivals is part of continued efforts by DFS to create drug-free zones across Tennessee.  DFS works with youth, educators, parents, community leaders and law enforcement officers to provide drug education to children and teens by working together with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. DFS also enters the classroom, with a series of drug education resources that work—a multimedia program that speaks to the youth of today, informing them of the truth about drugs and empowering them to make their own decisions to live drug-free.

Drug-Free South is dedicated to handling the drug problem in Tennessee.  For more information, visit

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