Thursday, February 27, 2014

Realizing New Potentials Through Scientology

Attaining higher states of existence is core to the Scientology religion.  Read how a man found answers at the Church of Scientology to help him regain his spirit and do better in life.

At the Nashville Church of Scientology, it is routine to see parishioners arrive for spiritual counseling to help them in various areas of life—such as communication, how to resolve problems, how to resolve past upsets and so forth—but what isn’t always publicized are the incredible success stories which follow.

One such story comes from Matt Klumpp, an Outfitter from Montana who usually spends his days booking hunting trips, guiding clients on archery and rifle excursions for elk, whitetail deer and antelope, and guiding fly fishing trips on the Yellowstone River.

Klumpp says that Scientology has helped him to understand and deal with others: “Scientology tools apply, whether I am talking with a friend or a client or someone I just met on the street, they apply in life.”  He became involved in Scientology three years ago, when he signed up to do the Purification Program. The Purification Program is a detoxification program which enables an individual to achieve spiritual well-being by ridding himself of the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and other chemicals.  

Klumpp continued progressing spiritually in Scientology and says, “I used the added energy that I gained… to help improve the ranch that I hunt on.” He says he was able to make several upgrades around the ranch after receiving spiritual counseling. “I’ve been wanting to do it for many years, and this last season I made it happen.  My hunting clients have noticed the change and appreciate it.”

Rev. Brian Fesler, pastor of the Church of Scientology says, “Scientology spiritual counseling helps parishioners regain energy and vitality.  They often find it easier to work, help their family and generally do better in life.” 

Klumpp agrees: “I would like to say that Scientology has brought life back to my spirit and has me moving upscale… and my outlook has completely changed for the better.”

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