Thursday, February 13, 2014

Church of Scientology Presents “Vision” Seminar by David Robert Farmerie

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville will host David Robert Farmerie for a seminar titled “Vision,” on March 15th from 1-3pm.

Nashville is more than just the music capital of the world, it is also home to a wide variety of artists: painters, photographers, filmmakers, designers, sculptors and more. The Church of Scientology strives to help these aspiring artists, by arranging seminars for them delivered by professionals.

“Artists uplift society,” says Corinne Sullivan, president of the church, “Our founder, L. Ron Hubbard, knew that artists influence others and that this could be positive or negative. If artists are doing well, they can uplift people and the society will flourish.”

That is why the church will host a free seminar for artists, delivered by professional photographer David Robert Farmerie. The seminar will give an in-depth understanding of the creative process and the importance of personal vision as an artist, for anybody who desires to create passionately.

According to Farmerie’s website, “…David quickly established himself as a rising professional. Discontent, he followed his passion for telling stories, and immersed himself into the coveted territories of photojournalism.”

Farmerie has photographed a virtual who’s who of world leaders and the events shaped by them, including three U.S. Presidents, and several Presidential races. His camera also bore witness to the Solidarity Movement in Poland and the Peace Conferences between the Zapatista Revolutionary Group and the Mexican Government. His career diversified even further with clients such as BBC Television, Paramount Pictures, The Broadway Series and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

The Huntsville Museum of Art Red Clay Survey awarded Farmerie as one of the most influential artists of Southern Contemporary Art in 2012. He is a founding member of SouthLight, a salon of eight established photographers from the United States and Europe, all now residing in Nashville, Tennessee.

Farmerie is also an educator in photography. He’s lectured at prestigious centers of learning such as Temple University, Columbia University, University of Texas, DuPage University, Washington University and Webster University. In March, he will travel to New York City to lecture on behalf of Leica Camera. 

The seminar titled “Vision” will be delivered by Farmerie on March 15th from 1-3pm at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville. To find out more about the Church of Scientology’s upcoming seminars, call 615-687-4600. For more information about David Robert Farmerie or his artwork, visit  

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