Thursday, July 11, 2013

Church of Scientology Confronts Education Crisis

Following the March 2013 Faith Day on the Hill at the State Capitol in Tennessee, the Church of Scientology is challenging the community to resolve the problems surrounding education.

At Faith Day on the Hill in March 2013, the Tennessee State Capitol saw leaders from various faiths gather, discuss and make plans for resolving issues in public education, however, that was the last time that group convened. The final segment of Faith Day on the Hill was entitled “After the Benediction, What Then?” and the Church of Scientology has re-issued this as a challenge to other faith leaders.

“We named that segment very carefully,” says Rev. Brian Fesler of the Church of Scientology, a member of the original planning committee for Faith Day. “We wanted to draw attention to action - not just talk.” Fesler says the Church of Scientology is preparing to bring faith and community leaders together again so a solution can be implemented.

Nashville ranks 84th in education amongst the nation’s cities, according to Fesler says his church has a workable solution, and he’s opening the doors to leaders of all faith communities to put it into action. “Education issues cross faith borders—if your child is struggling in school, you’ve got to look where the answers are,” says Fesler.

As early as the 1950s, the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, recognized failings in the educational system. In answer to this crisis, he developed an actual “technology” of learning with which to master any subject. Known as “study technology,” Hubbard’s techniques have found broad application from pre-school through adult learning environments.

Hubbard said, “The end and goal of any society as it addresses the problem of education is to raise the ability, the initiative and the cultural level, and with all of these the survival level of that society.”

“We want to bring this technology to the students in Davidson County,” says Fesler. “I know that if every child in the city knew exactly how to study, they would be able to succeed in life. And our  education system would be the best in the country.”

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