Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nashville Scientologists Stand Up for Human Rights on Human Rights Day 2016

Part of an international movement spanning 192 countries, the Church of  Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville is raising awareness of human rights in commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Nashville Scientologists join Scientology Churches, Missions and groups across the world in carrying out the theme of International Human Rights Day 2016, "Stand up for someone's rights today!"

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville took part in organizing the Tennessee Celebration of International Human Rights Day, held on December 6, 2016 in the John Seigenthaler Center in Nashville. More than one hundred people interested in human rights attended the event which was centered on the theme “Hidden in Our Midst: Child Trafficking in Tennessee.”

A panel of experts on the topic of human trafficking presented information and brought new awareness to this issue. Awards were then presented to human rights leaders in three categories: Rising Advocate, Outstanding Service and Lifetime Achievement.  

Human Rights day commemorates the United Nations adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights--the world's premier human rights document. Despite the best intentions of those who crafted the Declaration, 68 years later, the UN points out, "disrespect for basic human rights continues to be widespread in all parts of the globe. Extremist movements subject people to horrific violence. Messages of intolerance and hatred prey on our fears. Humane values are under attack."

Human rights are an integral part of the Scientology religion. The Creed of the Church of Scientology, written in 1954 by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, begins: "We of the Church believe: That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights." And the Code of a Scientologist calls on all Scientologists "to support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights."

The Church of Scientology and Scientologists support United for Human Rights, the world's largest nongovernmental human rights education campaign, active in 192 countries and partnering with 1,500 groups and organizations.  The initiative is inspired by Mr. Hubbard's conviction that "It is vital that all thinking men urge upon their governments sweeping reforms in the field of human rights."

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