Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Drug-Free South Prepares for Roundtable Discussion on Drug Prevention

The Drug-Free South is bringing several organizations together to discuss the drug epidemic and solutions to counter it in honor of International Day Against Drug Abuse on June 23rd.

Drug-Free South (DFS) has long forwarded its message of a drug-free life and promoted education and prevention for young people. According to, the group has reached more than 18,000 people across Tennessee in the last four years. But now DFS is going full throttle ahead and wants to get this message out to the masses.

So DFS is organizing a roundtable discussion with like-minded leaders in the field of drug prevention and education. It will take place on June 23rd in the afternoon at the Nashville Church of Scientology, a longtime supporter of drug-free initiatives.

The roundtable discussion is taking place under the theme “Come Together: Make Drugs A Bad Deal.” This is the second event to take place in this series, the first being “Fight Back: Make Drugs A Bad Deal.”

DFS is the local chapter for the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, an international non-profit organization aimed at providing children the truth about drugs so they are equipped with correct information and won’t become a victim to dealer’s lies. DFS has visited over 30 counties across Tennessee providing informational seminars and lectures for school children and other groups.

“Make Drugs a Bad Deal” takes place on June 23rd at the Nashville Church of Scientology, 1130 8th Ave South. For more information or to participate, contact Julie Brinker at the church, 615-687-4600.

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