Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Artlightenment Dazzles Music City with 7th Annual Art Show and Film Festival

Artlightenment’s 7th consecutive year showcased celebrity photographer Raeanne Rubenstein and fashion designer Elisabeth Donaldson, both based in Nashville. The featured filmmakers were Bob Pondillo, Emeritus Professor of American Media History and Culture at Middle Tennessee State University, and Annie Kananack, an accomplished screenwriter whose work has been optioned by Happy Madison Studios and Lady in Red Production Company.

The festival was held at the Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre Nashville. Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard was an accomplished artist who also wrote articles and books to help artists achieve success.

The Film Festival portion of Artlightenment spanned two evenings, Thursday and Friday, and drew full audiences. The Best Film award went to Bob Pondillo & David Lawrence for their film “My Name is Wallace,” a sweet and touching comedy of personal salvation through love starring David H. Lawrence XVII.

The overall Artlightenment Award Winner for the film about Art, Artists and the Art of Existence, was “Pray to Love”  by Anne Goetze, Nathan Collie and Mac Pirkle.

The Best of Show Award went to Samantha Ornellas, a new award for “Music City Mystique” which encompassed this year’s theme went to Barbara Hodges, and the award for Defining the Icons and Artists of our Culture went to Raeanne Rubenstein. The complete list of award winners can be seen at artlightenment.com.

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