Thursday, October 2, 2014

Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville Has Mission to Help Artists

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville works tirelessly to uplift the culture in Music City by helping artists and other leaders. “Our mission is to elevate the artists, athletes, business and government leaders, as they are the ones who will drive the culture forward,” says President of the church, Corinne Sullivan.

Since 2009, the Church has hosted seminars by successful artists for up-and-coming artists to help them in how they approach their career and life. These seminars have been a public service to the community and have helped many artists in Nashville and surrounding areas feel more competent and ready to take off in their careers. 

One such seminar was held this past weekend with guest David Carus, who delivered a seminar called “You Can Be an Artist.” The seminar gave insightful information on how to make a career out of one’s passion.

Carus is author of the book Super Artist – How to Take Flight as a Creator and during his seminar spoke to ways attendees can overcome obstacles in the way of artistic careers.

The Church of Scientology, located at 1130 8th Avenue South, has scheduled a series of seminars with celebrity musicians and visual artists to assist the blossoming talent in Nashville over the next few months. For more information on upcoming events at the Church, visit the website or call 615-687-4600.  

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