Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scientology Tools Applied to the Bike Racing World

Helping others in need is core to the Scientology religion.  Read how a man found answers at the Church of Scientology to help him help others.

At the Nashville Church of Scientology, it is routine to see parishioners arrive for spiritual counseling to help them in various areas of life—such as communication, how to resolve problems, how to resolve past upsets and so forth—but what isn’t always publicized are the incredible success stories which follow.

One such story comes from Steve Brubaker, a man who likes to roll up his sleeves and solve problems that plague humanity. But Brubaker says he wasn’t always able to handle problems that were right in front of him, and this caused him trouble. “I could be looking right at a mechanical issue with a bike and I couldn't see it.  It frustrated me, and I asked my boss why does that happen to me?” His boss pointed him in the direction of the Church of Scientology for a course in communication.

Brubaker says, “So I did a communication course and it really opened my eyes to the things I was missing with the people around me and life in general that I was not in communication with.  My life changed dramatically.”

Brubaker regularly crisscrosses the country to provide for professional bike races as a tire distributor. In his line of work, he has the opportunity to help others, and with Scientology tools, he often does. “Last year, a national professional racer who became a very good friend of mine was injured in a bad racing incident.  When I arrived to the hospital he was in a coma. I used some of the Scientology techniques I know, called Assists.  I also could teach his family members how to do them so they could easily learn how to help him.  I gave assists to my friends for four days, and frankly the doctors were not very optimistic. However, he came out of the coma.”

For more information on the Church of Scientology’s beliefs and practices, including Scientology Assists, visit www.scientology.org.

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