Thursday, May 1, 2014

Church of Scientology Hosts Series of Musical Jams

The Church of Scientology has begun hosting a series of musical jams for Nashville performers.

Earlier in April this year, the Church of Scientology hosted a musical seminar by the oldest of the Wooten Brothers, Regi, who led musicians in attendance in a jam session. One attendee described it as, “…being in a room with so many other artists of different backgrounds, cultures, and ages, most complete strangers to one another, yet remarkably familiar once the music began.”   

The jam session was so much fun that the Church opened its doors to another one this past week led by Russell Jackson of the Russell Jackson Band. Jackson who was born in Memphis, has toured with the B.B. King Orchestra and played at venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Grand Ole Opry and Smithsonian Institute.

“We open our doors to musicians and artists of all kinds,” says President of the Church, Corinne Sullivan, “Our founder L. Ron Hubbard highly respected artists. That is why, as a Celebrity Centre, we take care of those who entertain, fashion and take care of the world.”

More jam sessions will be held in the future. For more information about upcoming events, seminars or jam sessions, call the Church at 615-687-4600.  

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