Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Musical Cabaret Night Hosted by Church of Scientology Entertains Theatre-Goers

The Church of Scientology is hosting a new series of events in its community room: cabaret theatre intermingled with the world of the Nashville writer’s night.

Arranged by Jaz Dorsey of the Actors Reading Room, the event featured guest artists Mallory Gleason Mundy, a veteran Broadway actress, choreographer and dance instructor and David Huntsinger, a pianist, composer, songwriter and arranger.

There was a special guest appearance by Melissa Silengo, a theatre actress who has performed at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Z. Alexander Looby Theatre, The Building, Nashville Dinner Theatre and others.

Corinne Sullivan, president of the church, says, “We offer our space as a service to the community for meetings, musicals, writers’ nights, seminars and more.” Sullivan went on to say, “We have a special interest in the arts. [Founder of the Church of Scientology] L. Ron Hubbard cared deeply about the artists in society as they are the ones who will uplift the culture.”

“We were happy to host this night of theatre, music and fun,” says Rev. Brian Fesler, pastor of the church.  “We have a commitment to the artists and creative people of Nashville.” 

The next event of this kind will be held in May. For more information on upcoming events at the church, call 615-687-4600. 

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