Thursday, October 24, 2013

Religion Communicators Council Hears About Good Works By Good People

The Religion Communicators Council is an interfaith communications organization which meets monthly to learn from one another and explore new ways to promulgate religious messages.

In October, the Nashville Religion Communicators Council (RCC) heard from the Nashville Rescue Mission and Salvation Army.  Topic of the day was “Putting Faith Into Action.” Both ministries shared the values of bringing the faith to the people in such a way that makes lives better each day.

Lynn Bogle, with Nashville Rescue Mission, stressed the importance of reconnecting people with God. The Nashville Rescue Mission serves the homeless, addicts and broken families by serving meals, providing shelter, restoring life and helping people get back on their feet. Bogle made it clear that anyone can end up at the Mission after just a couple of bad choices in life.

Gerald Brown, with Salvation Army, presented a video about the Salvation Army which demonstrated the motto: Doing the Most Good. The army "provides soup, soap and salvation," but truly encompasses a myriad of activities to the benefit of children, men and women.

President of the Nashville chapter and pastor of the Church of Scientology, Rev. Brian Fesler said, “I’m always encouraging my parishioners to get out and be active in the community... and people like this just prove it’s all worthwhile.”

Both organizations provide shelter for those without homes, and both give out meals to the hungry.

The Religion Communicators Council (RCC) hears regularly from such organizations to learn how they act out their faith. Fesler went on to say, “We will continue to bring these important topics to the forefront at coming meetings. This is the kind of good news that we share as religious communicators.”

The RCC is open to members from all denominations, and the Nashville group includes Baha’is, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Scientologists, and more.  For further information about the RCC or their next meeting, visit

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